Teacher China Trip Summer 2010 · Uncategorized

exhausting day- but interesting

This will be short-I’ll try and write more tomorrow. Mandarin class from 9-12 (  before which I walked very far and still could not find a post office so I could  mail a post card to my father). Then our 21st Century Beijing class from 1:30 to  2:30 ( between which I was setting up a last minute meeting with a former  classmate of Kelven Roldan who linked us to a NGO that works to facilitate  foreign exchanges in China). Then to the meeting at the NGO where we got lost  trying to get there. The meeting was like all the formal pronouncement meetings  that we had in Kiev, with all the pomp and circumstance and all the flowery  words. I think some of the teachers were quite impressed. Then the friend of 
Kelven’s took us all out to dinner.  Now  I’ve finished writing all the appropriate thank yous and hope to get some sleep  soon.  On the way home  from dinner, we took a cab ( very cheap). Passed right through Tienanmen Square  at night-  immense monolithic buildings ringing the huge space- so much bigger  than Red Square- with Mao still staring out over Beijing.

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