Teacher China Trip Summer 2010


Today was an absolutely beautiful day- blue sky, dry air, a breeze, and only in the eighties-actually saw stars tonight in Beijing! We had three hours of Chinese class this morning and then I spent the afternoon in my room working on a lesson plan; we all have to present lessons on our last full day here, based on the experiences we’ve had in China. That way the Asian Academy will have an online bank of units and lesson plans that all their teachers can use based on on our trip. My lesson is on the Forbidden City; one of the math teachers is putting together a math lesson on bargaining in China, and another is a math lesson on figuring distances of the Great Wall. Those are just a couple of examples. It was so nice out that for the first time I opened the window in my room which looks out on a courtyard. Some of the students here at the Beijing Institute of Education were playing basketball and I could hear people speaking Chinese and French in the hall while I worked in my room.

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