How Do You Bring The International to CT?

Summer is now in full blast and everyone here at WAC is looking to have some fun and enjoy the season. While some of us are lucky enough to have international travel plans, touring the hazy streets of Rome or drinking margaritas on a Mexican beach, others are enjoying the summer right here in Connecticut. Although many of us daydream about lounging on a beach in Thailand or partying in Spain during our work day, many of us have come to realize just how much international culture awaits us in our local towns and cities. Whether it’s sipping sangria at Barcelona in New Haven, checking out a Latin dance studio in Enfield, or eating kebabs at Tangiers in Hartford, the global community has extended its reach into Connecticut in amazing ways.

So, our question to everyone is…How are you experiencing international culture in Connecticut this summer? What are the restaurants, bars, museums, activities, films, and books that allow you to enjoy elements of the international community while never leaving the state? We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and stories!!

Feel free to continue the discussion at the WAC Happy Hour tonight at the Elbow Room in West Hartford from 5:30 to 7:30!

3 thoughts on “How Do You Bring The International to CT?

  1. I enjoy meeting with people from all over the world at the language groups that Dianne organizes in West Hartford. Their common interest is speaking French or German, whether as native speaker or advanced student..

  2. I recently participated in the 4 day world youth peace summit ,at the University of Hartford, founded by W.H. resident Dan Doyle. There were 700 participants from about 50 countries. Colin Powell was the keynote speaker and W.H. resident & speaker Rob the drummer Gottfried was one of the highlites.

  3. Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity is preparing for two staff members from Habitat Uganda to join us here in Hartford August 11-15. We will be showing them around our great city, introducing them to people and organizations that are interested in eliminating poverty housing, and are looking forward hearing more about their powerful Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Program.

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