This week at the Council


This week at the council.


This week will prove to be a busy, hectic and controversial week at the World Affairs Council of CT/


This week will mark the opening of our annual Model United Nations program for CT high school students. It interestingly coincide the annual opening of the General Assembly in NY where world leaders gather to give their annual statement to the international body.  Today we will gather several hundred high school students who will choose the topics they will debate as well as what countries they will represent at the Model UN simulation in February. It is always inspiring to see how passionate these incredible young people are and how much the truly believe they can change the world. It gives us all hope for the future.


Also this week a few members of the council will travel to NY to hear a speech from a leader who will be in town to address the UN General Assembly. We will write more on that later.


And last but certainly not least the council will host Mrs. Holly Petraeus on Thursday night; the topic of her discussion will be “Supporting Our Military Families”. Mrs. Petraeus is not only the wife of arguably the most well known General in a generation but a powerhouse in her own right. Currently she holds the position of Director of the Office of Servicemember Affairs within the newly established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Mrs. Petraeus has worked tirelessly for years to bring issues relating to supporting military families to the forefront. The event on Thursday will also be hosted by Mrs. Cynthia Blumenthal the wife of CT’s newest Senator, who is herself a military mother with a son in the Marines who is currently deployed.  


For us at the council we are deeply committed to our community and that certainly includes military families. For the last ten years this country has been at war and it is entirely possible to have gone through the last ten years and not have known or been directly impacted by those who so bravely serve our country. In July of 2007 the council awarded its Luminary Award to all CT Veterans who have served inIraqandAfghanistan. In preparation for this event the council made a video tribute to those that serve. This was a humbling and enlightening experience to be a part of. We met countless extraordinary citizens of CT who make us so very proud but so very often are silent among us. You can see the video below. Please take a moment to view it.



This is why we are so thrilled to be hosting Holly Petraeus on Thursday and highlight ways we can help support our military families.  This is a free event for all members and military families to attend and a small charge for all other we all hope to see you there.


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