WorldQuest Trivia 2014!

Which U.S. President called himself a jelly doughnut while addressing a crowd in Berlin?

Which World Cup soccer player has a bit of a tendency to bite other players?

Were you able to answer these questions?

If yes, then you just might have given the winners of this year’s WorldQuest Trivia a run for their money. The night was filled with great cheer, lots of excitement, delicious food, and seven tough yet interesting categories. Competing teams answered questions on Geography, International Sports, World Leaders, Explorers and Adventurers, Food, Faux Pas, and Current Events. Many of the teams committed a faux pas themselves by answering incorrectly, but we’ll forgive them as long as they participate again next year.


A big congratulations from the team at the Council to the 2014 winners, The Goodluck Jonathans!! They earned themselves a free entry to a Tour and Tasting event at the Thomas Hooker Brewery and gift certificates to Sakura Garden.

Our second place runner-ups were the West Hartford Internationals! They beat out our third place team, WorldQuest Dynasty UKS, by being able to list just one more country beginning with the letter “M” in our intense and competitive sudden death round. These two teams won tickets to the Wadsworth Atheneum and CT Science Center, respectively.


Of course we would never let our last place team leave empty handed either. Thanks to the CT Geographic Alliance we were able to provide them with maps of the world to hang up on their walls at home!

Looking forward to another fun-filled night of international trivia next year at WorldQuest Trivia 2015!

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