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Global Education Summer Institute in DC

by guest author Carole Franco


Here’s what WACCT member Carole Franco had to say about the Summer Institute on International Affairs for High School Educators, hosted by the World Affairs Council – Washington, DC. We encourage you to check it out for next year!

On Monday, June 23rd at 8:30, I entered the Penthouse of Bank of America on 15th Street NW, Washington DC, where I was greeted by Amanda Stamp, Global Education Director of the Word Affairs Council and her wonderful staff. We were then ushered into a room where a delicious continental breakfast of fresh fruit, muffins and pastries was served.

At 9:00 a.m., began a series of lectures and discussions with experts on all aspects of international affairs with the focus on “Realities and Revolutions, the causes, development, history, and implications for the wider world of the revolutionary political unrest that is found across the globe. We heard from scholars, diplomats, economists, authors, government officials, legal experts and analysts from some of the major think tanks in America.”


We stopped for a superb buffet luncheon and then continued with presentations. The first day, we heard about change in the Arab world, a photojournalists reflections on conflict in Mexico and Central America, global peacebuilding, and a presentation on Revolutions.



I could not be more positive about this opportunity for teachers of Social Studies, World Affairs, world Geography, etc. to improve their knowledge in order to provide a better learning experience for their students as we continue to prepare them for the global world in which we live. I am a world language teacher and I will use some of the information to enrich my classes of French and Spanish. I am also certified in Social Studies with a Masters in International Relations and would find this material useful if I should teach those subjects in the future.


In addition to the seminars for 4 days, there were opportunities to ask questions, we watched a film, “Bringing Down a Dictator” and were given a CD of all materials and resources to take with us. At the end of each day we gathered in small groups to create a lesson plan, all of which are on the World Affairs Council website.

One must not forget the cultural enrichment of Washington with free concerts at the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian FolkLife Festival on the National Mall, to name a few.


Those coming from afar were able to stay at the George Washington University dorm for a very reasonable price and a shuttle bus took us from the dorm to a central place in DC where were able to catch the Metro.

The organization and help given by Amanda and her staff made for a special week, not to be forgotten.

So next February look for an announcement on the Summer Institute of 2015 and give it some thought.

I, for one, am ready to sign up now. Onward to Washington!

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