Member Spotlight: Art and Mary Hunt

Current Position/Field of Work:  

We are retired from Yale University – Mary as an Information Technology Software Developer and Data Conversation Specialist and Art as an Information Technology Project Manager at the end of June 2014.  Art has a consulting practice specializing in assisting individuals and organizations with the challenges of professional and organizational transitions.

What is the most Interesting part of your job? 

Art enjoys meeting new people, learning the details of professional and organizational transitions and utilizing his experience in business, financial, change, and project management to facilitate approaches that lead to successful outcomes.  Mary enjoys learning new technology and is volunteering to help with non-profit websites.  Mary is also volunteering as a tutor at New Haven Reads and both volunteer as math tutors at Emerge, a re-entry program for ex-offenders.
Favorite Travel Destination?
Our favorite travel destination is Joshua Tree National Park.  The colors and the vistas change dramatically with the time of day, the season, and the rainfall.  We love to hike there and scramble up and over the rocks and boulders.  Other than Joshua Tree, we rarely travel to the same place twice.  There is just too much of the world to see.  We have traveled internationally to Spain, Croatia,  England, Ireland, and Scotland.  We spent a wonderful two weeks in Iceland last August traveling the ring road and exploring out of the way places.  While we were there, there was some excitement around the Bardarbunga volcano and we were not able to travel into the interior because of the potential for an eruption under the Vatnajakull glacier creating dangerous ice melt and flooding.  Each of the rivers we crossed had broad flood plains as evidence of past floods.
Where Would You Like to Travel Next!?
We are traveling to Israel, Palestine, and Turkey in March and the Galapagos Islands in early May.  Machu Picchu and New Zealand are in the planning stages.
Global Issue You Find Really Fascinating Right Now
We are deeply saddened by the increasing level of violence, intolerance, cruelty and inhumanity occurring in so many places around the world and America’s military response to it.  Retirement gives us an opportunity to study, reflect on what we have learned and to take action.  We have become quite active in the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and are leading the PPF committee on:  “Engaging Congregations in Prophetic Action in Palestine and Israel.”  The PPF advocates for alternatives to violence.  They are advocates for the right to equal access to just, inclusive, pluralistic, and tolerant civil, political, and economic society for all people.  They stand with those who are the victims of injustice, violence, and oppression.  They extend friendship, reconciliation, and redemption to those who have been called our enemy.  The PPF acts in response to current conditions of war and violence by insisting:
 Favorite Food?
We are vegetarians for both health and ethical reasons.  Our favorite food is usually what we last fixed for dinner.  A recent favorite is polenta with tomato sauce and escarole.  The polenta is made with vegtable broth and grated asiago cheese.  It is covered in a layer of tomato sauce than a layer of escarole sauteed with garlic and mushrooms than a sprinkle of grated asiago cheese.  Delicious!
Proudest Accomplishment?
We look back on our careers with great pride in the broad variety of our accomplishments in both our business and volunteer activities.  Mary led the Data Warehouse team when Yale converted from pre Y2K systems to the Oracle Enterprise Business Suite.  Art initiated the Information Technology Change Management Department
Why Do You Support The Council? 

It is our great privilege to support the Council.  The Council does the important work of bringing knowledgeable speakers on a broad variety of timely topics to Connecticut.  It is terrific to hear their perspectives on world events first hand and to be able to ask follow up questions.  The council is also a wonderful education resource engaging hundreds of students each year in global issues and challenging them to study and propose solutions.  We are very grateful for the work that they do.

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