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Baranga What? Barangaroo!

535085_10153191123926916_4181789424884450589_n-2Greeting  to all. So Sydney had the most January rain ever while we where there. The trip has been progressing but there were times we are walking in absolute pouring down rain.


On our second full day in Sydney we visited the global property firm lendlease. They are currently in the process of delivering one of the largest sustainable urban redevelopment projects  sites in Australia and maybe the world. Our visit gave us a 360 look at the development of  project. Built on formally rundown waterfront property. Barangaroo will feature mixed use commercial, retail and housing. It will use sustainable materials, and recycle water on site.  Care was even taken in the very of materials as not to create packing waste. They have really though of everything.


view from Barangaroo


After our trip to lendlease we headed out to a walk (in the pouring rain) to see the Headlands Park development. This is a new revitalized area where they are bringing back native flora on fauna.

Then it was a tour of the sites of Sydney. This was less than enjoyable do to the weather but – oh well here are a few shots.




2016-01-05 15.37.17

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