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Concrete & more rain

So concrete.

As the rain continued to come down we continued with our program. Our day began with a stop at the University of New South Wales  (UNSW)in Sydney. Our morning focus was on Eco friendly concrete or geo-polymer concrete. As you may know concrete is one of the top three carbon polluters on the planet. The people here at USNW are deploying a concrete that is far less carbon intensive then average concrete.  Our lecturer was Prof. Foster.   The concrete is being used in some new construction here in Australia. The impact of mass scale eco-friendly concrete could have a huge impact on the planet.


So after our visit to UNSW, our hosts (QU, Queensland University) arranged a harbor cruise. Yep more rain- by this time we all were in poncho’s!


After the zoo it was off to Taranga Zoo. A few sighting but most just getting out of the rain.

here are a few shots

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