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Muru Mittigar


So the next day the rain finally let up a little. Well just enough for a nice visit with indigenous people at a place called Muru Mittigar.

“Muru Mittigar means ‘Pathway to Friends’ in Darug language (Traditional

Aboriginal custodians of our area). Muru Mittigar enables you to participate and

interact with members of the local Aboriginal community through the exciting

educational and enriching cultural activities. on off. With a focus on providing

employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, Muru Mittigar also presents

positive outcomes for the local community, by creating a meeting place for sharing

cultures. Muru Mittigar is a not for profit company”- from our itinerary


Our visit included a boomerang throwing session, a session on native painting and a session on traditional music. It was all followed by a discussion on the indigenous people and their struggles.




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