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Toowoomba –

Hello All
Can you imagine building an airport in 18th months? No never right?

Well we flew into the brand new privately funded Wellcamp Airport in the Locyker Valley of sunny Queensland. Wow right? It gets even better the construction company Wagners privately funded the airport and built it with that eco-friendly low carbon concrete I wrote about earlier. That makes it one of the most green airport in Australia. Since the Lockyer valley is rich in agriculture. This airport is prime for export of its produce and goods to markets around the world particularly those in the Asian region.


We then visited Bauer Farm. This is an organic produce supplier. Mr. John Bauer is one of the largest supplier of strictly organics in Australia. Organics still have a smaller market share than commercial/conventional farms but they are slowly growing.


IMG_2758 John Bauer from Bauer Organic Farms


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