The Next Africa

We were very lucky to host Jake Bright on 06/09/2016 for a discussion on his new book, “The Next Africa”. Jake is an award winning author, TEDx speaker, and Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association with a focus on business, politics, and foreign affairs. He contributes as an editor and works independently for several publications. While addressing an engaged and diverse audience, he talked about the themes of evolving entrepreneurship, technology, and development in Africa covered in his book. It reflects on how the old narrative of Africa is outdated and disconnected from reality.


Jake showed us how the continent has been transforming rapidly and reaching new heights. Unfortunately, much of its development is overlooked in the popular discourse. Emerging talents in Africa are currently changing the continent’s global position and making it a region of great economic and social importance. Jake especially focused on the rising significance of the tech sector in Africa, which is growing at a fast pace through the work of some exceptionally smart minds. He touched upon African philanthropists whose efforts are uplifting society and young individuals whose creativity and intelligence are extremely promising. He also mentioned the work of Africans in other fields such as the arts and predicted that many individuals from the region are likely to become household names in the near future. Jake elaborated on the role played by Africa’s affluent immigrant diaspora in its transformation as well.


“The Next Africa” features profiles, individual stories, and thorough analysis. It is based on extensive research and provides valuable insight into Africa’s future. The continent is likely to soon become a global hub for business, economic activity, cultural exchange, and flow of information technology.


Jake wrapped up his presentation by taking questions from the audience. He addressed concerns about how balanced the development of Africa is and whether or not factors such as financial mismanagement by government officials hinder its progress. He spoke about how Africa also faces obstacles just like all other developing regions. His book encompasses these hurdles and emphasizes on how the future of Africa is promising nonetheless.


At the end of the event, Jake signed copies of his book for the audience and answered their questions in person. People who attended the event found it to be extremely informative and were very happy to gain knowledge about a continent that is often not accurately represented in the mainstream.


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