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“What am I Forgetting?” The Answer to Your Biggest Question About Summer Travel

The sun is out, sunglasses are on, and you’re ready for an adventure. Summer is a very popular time to travel. Consequently, summer is a very stressful time to travel. But you’re prepared; you’ve got an itinerary printed out, your flight booked, and multiple copies of your passport. All that’s left is the question “what am I forgetting?” Check out some of these traveling pro-tips from us here at CTWAC so you can be fully prepared:

  1. Coordinate your colors: Everyone knows to pack light, this is the very first thing on many travel tip lists, but not many people think to coordinate their colors so they can have a fully functioning wardrobe while traveling. While you’re at it- be sure to roll your clothes when you pack, don’t fold, as this will maximize your suitcase space.

    cinque terre
    Cinque Terre, Italy

2. Take the time to get to know your “Known Traveler Number”: This makes it more likely for you to access TSA PreCheck, thus saving time at the airport.

3. Bring a portable charger: Even if all the batteries on all your devices are full, this will not last for more than 6 hours let alone a full day.  Since we live in a digital age it is likely you will be relying on Google Maps, CityMapper, or a similar app to navigate a foreign city. You wouldn’t want your phone to die while attempting to find your hotel in a foreign city.


Rome, Italy

4. Invest in noise-canceling headphones: Trust us, it’s worth it.

5. Carry two credit cards with you: The experienced traveler will know to inform their bank about any upcoming travel. However, as no one is perfect, you should carry two credit cards in case one doesn’t work.

6. Check the weather forecast: We can’t control it, but we can prepare for it. If your travel destination is predicting rain, be sure to bring some rain gear with a hood (umbrellas are too cumbersome) and find some fun indoor activities. Or if it’s supposed to hit record heat, bring a little battery-powered fan to stay cool.

7. Bring layers: Plane cabins can get quite cold and many cathedrals require that you cover your shoulders, so even if your destination is expecting 90 degree temperatures and sun, you may want to bring some layers just in case.

8. Consider camping: If you don’t have your accommodation booked yet (you should), for some places (for example, Iceland) camping is the cheapest way to see the place and if you’re planning on doing lots of outdoorsy things anyway, you might as well.

Krka National Park, Croatia


9. Check online for special events: You already plan on seeing the big towers and famous museums, but there may be special events or festivals going on that could make your trip even more special; these tend to be the once in a lifetime opportunities that you will always remember.

10. Research your destination: Do a little research before you leave about the cultural norms of your travel destination, this way you will learn a little more about the country and you won’t look too touristy!

Pisa, Italy


Follow these tips to have a (relatively) stress-free vacation. If you have any more pro-tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Post and pictures by Olivia Gilmore

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