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Global Student Leadership Award


The World Affairs Council is in its third year of giving out our Global Student Leadership Awards to high school graduates. These students have demonstrated high interest in global affairs and have gone above and beyond to get involved in global affairs.


Raena Davis

Raena Davis 

Metropolitan Learning Center

Raena’s interest in global affairs began the summer before freshman year when she made it her goal to make a positive impact in the lives of others by the time she graduated high school. As she began to learn more about modern-day slavery and human trafficking, she joined the abolitionist group at her school and helped to bring awareness to the community about these global injustices.

During school, Raena had the opportunity to travel to the Domincan Republic to work on a community service project in the municipality of Jarabacoa. She hopes to continue to travel, especially to Europe, South America, and around the US.

Raena will attend Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT this fall and plans to study Biology with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to continue to engage with global affairs by taking part in study abroad programs, and plans to pursue a career in biological research, personal entrepreneurial enterprises, or journalism. Raena would advise high school students to take advantage of opportunities that allow them to see the world and find where they can make the most positive impact. She is excited to see and interpret the world for herself in the future.


Parth Patel

South Windsor High School

Parth was driven to get involved in global affairs by his desire to better understand the world we live in. He believes all citizens have the responsibility to take part in global issues. While he has no upcoming travel plans, Parth has had the opportunity to travel to India, Canada, and the UK, and would like to travel to South America, Australia, and more of Europe.

Parth will attend the University Connecticut to study Biology with a minor in Political Science. He hopes to become a doctor and get involved in our nation’s health care debate.

The Model UN was his most influential opportunity he had during high school, where he learned the importance of global affairs in our daily lives. Parth would tell high school students that there are many ways to further their interests in global affairs, and that it is important to respect the opinions of others and believe in compromise. Parth sees himself as a “global advocate who does not believe in moving together as the United States of America, but the United Nations of the World.”


Abigayle Bosco

Enfield High School

Abigayle has always been interested in the world around her and has felt that her actions have an impact. As an intern at MassMutual, she has had the change to understand the workings of large global projects. She wishes more people would realize how easy it is to be informed in a world that is so interconnected.

Her eyes set on travel, Abigayle will enlist in the Navy as a nuclear engineer. With her fast track program and AP/ECE classes, she intends to complete her degree in two years, after which she will work to progress to the rank of officer and hopes to travel to places like Europe and Asia as part of her career.

Abigayle would advise high school students to put themselves out there. With modern technology, the world is so interconnected that it is easy to get involved in global affairs. She hopes they will take advantage of opportunities offered by their schools, such as the model UN or student exchange programs.


Nathaniel Pinkes

Watkinson School

Nathaniel has always enjoyed traveling and has been interested in international public health for some time. He has traveled to over 15 countries, including two medical service trips to the Dominican Republic where he assisted in the treatment of over 800 patients. His future travel plans include trips to Iceland and Scotland, where he is excited to explore the outdoors in both locations.

With plans to attend Northeastern University, Nathaniel will take part in a degree program that will grant him bachelor’s degree in health science and master’s degree in public health. He hopes to take part in the study abroad program and eventually go to medical school.

Nathaniel would advise high school students to take advantage of opportunities provided by the school so they can experience another culture up close and personal. He points out that his involvement in the Model UN was one such opportunity that gave him the chance to meet students from around the world. Nathaniel hopes to have opportunities to assist with disaster responses in an international setting, and wishes to continue with service work through college and beyond.

Ben Barton

Ben Barton

Branford High School

Ben has a strong interest in understanding the world, as demonstrated by his membership in the Foreign Language National Honor Society at Branford High school. He combined his interests in soccer and global affairs when he played soccer for Yali High School while studying abroad in Changsha, China.


Delaney Hurley

Glastonbury High School

Delaney has been a dedicated participant in the Glastonbury Model UN program, serving as the President during the 2016-2017 school year, and has worked to help younger students garner a better understand about the world around them. She has helped to promote different cultures and languages during her time at Glastonbury High School, and has herself studied Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish. Delany will attend Harvard in the Fall.

Shazline Khan

Bridgeport Military Academy

Shazline will attend the University of New Haven and has interest in studying abroad and volunteering for Doctors without Borders after receiving a medical degree. She currently volunteers with a group working with disabled individuals and as an Emergency Medical Responder. Shazline hopes to work in the field of global health as a way to combine her interests in global affairs and the medical field.

Kate Campbell

East Windsor High School

Kate Campbell is a student leader with a dedication to civic engagement. She is committed to volunteering in her church and goes above and beyond in her academic activities. Kate will attend the University of Connecticut in the Fall.

Seth Hirsman

Lyman Hall Memorial High School

Seth Hisman has been a member of the Model UN for the past 4 years. He has been an active participant in many clubs during his time at Lyman Memorial High School. Seth plans to major in business at St. John Fisher College, where he received a Presidential Scholar Award.

Isabella Luciano

St. Joseph High School

Isabella has been an active participant in the model UN at St. Joseph High school, in addition to taking 5 years of Mandarin and AP classes. She will attend Boston College in the Fall.

Sara Parower

Staples High School

Sara has shown a remarkable capacity for understanding complex global issues during her time at Staples High School. She will be attending the University of Wisconsin this Fall.

Bianca Getzel

Shepaug Valley High School

Bianca maintains a keen awareness and involvement in global affairs. At the Shepaug Valley School, she led the World Affairs Forum and the Model UN Club as her Senior Project. Bianca will attend the University of Manchester in England and plans to major in International Relations.


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