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Intern Intro: Lilia

Lilia Shea is the Program Assistant. She was born and raised in Ellington, Connecticut but is halfway through her degree at the University of St Andrews (Scotland, U.K.). Lilia studies International Relations and Modern History.

Lilia in Italy

1. When and why did you first show interest in global affairs?

My grandfather was a diplomat and I always loved hearing stories my father told about growing up all over the world. I left the country for the first time ever in 2015 to start university in Scotland, and that really first made me interested in the world beyond the U.S.

2. Do you have a particular area of interest within global affairs?

I’m particularly interested in international law and its evolution over time. I’m also interested in post-Soviet states and recent foreign policy developments in and around Russia.

3. What do you do at CTWAC?

I am the Program Assistant at CTWAC. I help plan events that CTWAC puts on by developing project ideas as well as researching and contacting prospective speakers and venues.

4. What do you do in your free time?

I love being outdoors, especially hiking and horseback riding. I live on a lake so lots of swimming and kayaking as well! When the weather isn’t great you can usually find me with friends or reading a good book.

5. Why do you think global engagement is important?

I think people (myself included) have a tendency to think of the world from a very singular perspective. Leaving the US really opened my eyes to how other countries perceive us. In addition, I think that in order to find a solution to an issue, you really need to examine said issue from multiple perspectives. In today’s world, which is getting to be so globalized, those issues are international issues, and those perspectives must be international perspectives.

6. Do you have any tips for how to get involved in global affairs?

Google News, World Affairs Council events, and travel!

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