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July Member Spotlight: Alex Corl

1. Favorite Position / Field of Work

I am a proud CPA and still find accounting and financial reporting to be very interesting and challenging. Accounting is the language of business and even after many years, I continue to be very impressed by the fact that by applying accounting principles consistently, you can distill the financial activities of the simplest or the most complex entity into the same four pages of core financial statements.

2. What is the most interesting part of your job?

As the CFO of a very successful, family owned, global manufacturing business, I get to spend my time on a wide variety of financial and operational matters, which enable and require me to continually learn new things and apply my business acumen and experience.

3. Can you describe your most recent travel experience?

My son just finished his junior year in college in May. Before he started his summer internship in the Boston office of PwC, he and I went to Europe. We started in Krakow Poland as I have Polish roots and then went to Berlin Germany, as we both have a keen interest in WWII history. It was a great trip.

Alex Corl 2
Alex Corl and son Ryan at the Marketplace square in Krakow

4. Where would you like to travel next?

I plan to go back to Poland when I have time to see more of the country. In the short term however, I think my wife and I are going to try to take an Aer Lingus flight from Hartford to Dublin Ireland or a Norwegian Air flight from Hartford to Edinburg Scotland for a long weekend in the fall.

5. Global issue you find fascinating right now:

Among others, I am very interested in the things that Russia is doing to try to regain the global stature that it had before the fall of the Soviet Union.

6. Favorite Food

That’s an easy question for me, pasta.

7. Proudest accomplishment

That’s harder. I have been very blessed in my personal and professional life, so I’m not going to try to isolate one thing there.

8. Why you support the council?

I have been involved with the Council since the 1980’s. When I first got involved at the request of then WAC President Elect Jay Benet, I was interested in meeting new people and rolling up my sleeves to help make things happen. I also wanted to be able to step outside of my day to day, domestically focused routine and be exposed to , and learn more about, global issues. Upon reflection, I guess those are the same reasons that I have stayed involved with the Council for all of these years.

Alex Corl1
Alex, Ryan and Ryan’s Girlfreind, Catty, on the roof of their hotel in Krakow 

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