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What in the World Wednesday: Cyber Security


Global Issue: Cybersecurity

As our world becomes more digitally-based, the risk of cyber-attacks and digital crime is an increasing concern for many. There is a ton of information and articles out there that the topic may seem overwhelming. So, what are some of the facts and myths surrounding cyber security? We found some articles that may be helpful:

“Top 5 Cybersecurity Facts, Figures, and Statistics for 2017”

  • Read this to learn more about how much we, as a country, are spending on cybersecurity, how much damage cybercrime has caused in the past year, and how this has affected the IT job market.

“These Are 10 Cybersecurity Myths that must be Busted”

  • This article details some common misconceptions regarding cybersecurity and cyber risks. Did you know all of these?

“Cyber-Security, meh. What’s the Big Deal?”

  • Well, actually it is- according to this article. Read about why cybersecurity is important- even for small companies.

Want to learn more about cybersecurity?

Attend our Global Security Forum on September 30th, 2017! One of our guest speakers is Arthur House, Connecticut’s Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer, so it is sure to be discussed.

To learn more about Arthur House, watch his interview with Connecticut Valley Views here:

Register for September’s Global Security Forum here:

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