August Member Spotlight: Meghann E. LaFountain



Current Position/Field of Work:

I am a lawyer.  I started my own law firm in January 2017, LaFountain Immigration Law, LLC, and dedicate my entire practice to immigration law issues.  About half of my clients are asylum seekers, which means that they are fleeing persecution in their home countries and want permission to stay in the U.S. legally.  The other half of my practice includes family-based cases (bringing spouses/fiancées, parents, children or siblings to the U.S.), naturalization cases (the process of becoming a U.S. citizen), other victim-based cases (such as Special Immigrant Juvenile cases, VAWA cases and T and U visas) and international adoptions.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

I love working with my clients and being able to help them.  I have clients from all over the world, and each one has his or her own story, with his or her own dreams, fears and realities.  No two cases are ever the same, even if the people are from the same country and filing the same type of application.  Listening to the horrors that people have gone through, particularly in the area of asylum law, reminds me of the evils that exist in the world, but when I see clients persevere in the face of extreme adversity – rape, murder, torture – and we actually win the case, I remember the good that exists and why we are all here.

Can you describe your most recent travel experience?

I went to Ireland in May with my fiancé, my parents and my brother.  This was my third trip there, but it was my first flying out of Bradley with Aer Lingus, which was even more convenient than some domestic flights.  Ireland is absolutely beautiful.  We spent 6 nights in Adare and 2 in Dublin (this is my pitch for Groupon travel as well – you couldn’t beat the price!) and traveled to various places around the country from there.  I think my favorite part of the trip was going to the Burren, which is a very barren national park.  In it are burial tombs that are thousands of years old.  Also, May is a beautiful time to go to Ireland because the sun doesn’t set until very late – it’s still bright out at almost 10:00 at night!


Peru 2

Where would you like to travel next?

I am an avid follower of Groupon travel deals and am currently contemplating several of them, including Tuscany, Prague and Budapest.  I would also love to go back to Peru, which is the best trip I’ve ever taken.

Global issue you find fascinating right now:

The refugee crisis is a global issue that is close to my heart.  I’m sitting in relative peace at my laptop in my office eating my lunch and writing this information about myself, but at this exact moment, there are men and women and children who are in hiding, or who have no food, or who have no means of employment despite good educations and who terrified for their lives.  I am only able to do this because I had the luck to be born where and when I was, rather than in a dangerous place or at a dangerous time.


Haiti 2

Proudest accomplishment?

I am very proud to be an immigration lawyer, fighting for the right to come to the U.S. and live with the freedom on which our country was founded.

Why do you support the World Affairs Council?

The Council ensures that even though we may be living and working only in Connecticut, we will have an understanding of global issues.  We cannot live in isolation from the rest of the world.  The more informed we are, the better placed we are to react appropriately and help make change for the better.


Peru 3

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