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September Member Spotlight: Colonel Gregory Miller

We are proud to feature Colonel Gregory Miller as our September Member Spotlight. Colonel Miller is a new member of the World Affairs Council with 35 years of military experience. He is also a member of the Charter Oak Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), which is partnering with the Council to host September’s Global Security Forum

Current Position/Field of Work:

Currently retired from both my civilian position as a Mechanical Engineer working for companies such as; Monsanto, Raymond Engineering, Smith Gates/Adirondack and SavageAlert Engineering.

I retired from the military with 35 years of duty. I began my military career when I joined the USMC in December 1965, serving three years of active duty. Upon separation from active duty I returned to college to earn both a ASME and BSME (Hartford State Technical College and University of Hartford) degrees.

I joined the US Army Reserve in 1975 and was given a direct commission as a 1st Lieutenant and served with the 826th Military Intelligence Battalion. I served as a company commander of the 344 MP Company (New Haven) and the Battalion Commander of the 542d MI Battalion (East Windsor).

My last active reserve position before retirement was with the Joint Forces Command headquartered in Norfolk, VA. as a senior military intelligence officer

Can you describe a memorable global travel experience? Where would you like to travel next?

During my USAR duty I was part of a Joint Forces inspection team (made up of members from all branches of the service) in 1993 that was tasked with inspecting the Naval Command in Iceland. This was a very interesting an rewarding assignment as I work closely with member services and saw first hand our involvement in the “Cold War”.

Iceland is a fascinating country in which the average Icelandic speaks at least four different languages.

What global issue do you find fascinating right now?

Obviously terrorism is a great concern but also are the issues of refuges from various parts of the world, in particular the Middle East. Global warming and the diminishing supply of water throughout the world should be prime concerns of all world nations for the consequences of both can lead to world famine and massive starvation (increased earth temperatures and lack of sufficient water supply will lead to crop failures through out the world).

What is your proudest accomplishment?

35 years of military service, entering as a Private and retiring as a Colonel.

Why you support the Council:

I have found the World Affairs Council to be a very enlighten experience for me because of the WAC’s diverse approach to the world around us and to the  critical issues (social, economics, international issues science and culture) which it addresses. It also gives me the opportunity to attend lectures on many diverse subjects and obviously meet very interesting people.

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