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January Member Spotlight: Nick Caito

Current Position/Field of Work:
Owner / Photographer, Nick Caito Photo
Nick pictured with First Lady Michelle Obama
What is the most interesting part of your job?
Photographing all kinds of events for all kinds of clients around the state means every day is something new. It gives me the chance to meet tons of amazing people while seeing just how much the Hartford area has to offer.
Can you describe your most recent travel experience?
In October I traveled to New Orleans for the first time. We went on a few ghost tours and explored the French Quarter and Garden District. I loved the uniquely weird but very chill vibe of the area.
Where would you like to travel next?
My wife and I love traveling abroad. Next on our list is a trip to southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam. Either that or maybe a quick getaway to Ireland out of Bradley Airport.
Global issue you find fascinating right now:
The current administration’s withdrawal from an activist role in global leadership, with a rising China and resurgent Russia filling the resulting vacuum.
Proudest accomplishment?
Being the official photographer for both First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Hartford last year as well as President Bill Clinton’s 2012 visit.


Why you support the Council:
There’s not really an “us” or “them” in the world- the more you interact with people of other backgrounds and cultures, the more apparent it is that we have far more in common than differences. The World Affairs Council helps further that essential understanding.

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