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August Member Spotlight: Esam Boraey

Current Position/Field of Work:
Position: Out Reach for the Connecticut Senate Democrats. Campaign manager for Sen. Beth Bye. Field: Politics and political awareness.

What is the most interesting part of your job?
Working with people and advocating for what I believe in. Having a job that helps me to stand for my principles and fight for them is a great pleasure and lots of excitement.


Can you describe your most recent travel experience?
To celebrate Eid, the Muslim holy occasion of pilgrimage, I went to Canada. It was a joyful travel. I learned a lot about a different culture and visited new places. For work, I visited CA to speak at the first annual conference for the American-Muslims Alliances Organization. It was amazing to see the energy of young Muslims from all over the world and their will to advocate for their rights, cultures, and future in the country they love dearly, the USA.


Where would you like to travel next?
I would love to travel to Mexico. I hope to get the chance to learn more about this rich culture that I have not visited before.

Global issue you find fascinating right now:
I am always interested in world peace and global human rights. But these days the immigration debate and the trade war occupy a huge part of my mind. Also, I am a big fan of the rule of the international organizations.

Proudest accomplishment?
My participation in the Egyptian Revolution will always be the biggest achievement of my life. I am one of the founders of the biggest political party in Egypt after the revolution. Working as the campaign manager for the first African-American-Muslim to be ever elected in Iowa House of Representatives. Receiving the Person of the Year award for my advocacy for human rights and democratization in the Middle East from the National Center for Human Rights has a significant meaning to me.

Why you support the Council:
WAC represents my values of building bridges of understanding and exclusivity for all people around the globe without looking at ethnicity, color, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. I feel I am in the right place every time I attend an event for the WAC.

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