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Intern Intro: Michael Turaj

Michael is the Summer 2019 Education Assistant for CTWAC. He currently attends Assumption College in Worcester, MA and majors in History with minors in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing hockey with his friends. Welcome to the team, Michael!


1. When and why did you first show interest in global affairs?
I first showed interest in global affairs when I was young. I watched history movies with my family and tried to understand complex global issues in elementary and middle school; I was always concerned with different problems facing the world and how to solve these problems.

2. Do you have a particular area of interest within global affairs?
My main area of focus is on foreign policy and governmental affairs. I focus on how government actions and leaders affect the world.

3. What do you do at CTWAC?
As education assistant, I help research different current issues that will be talked about during Model U.N. and I put together research and questions that will help guide the discussion.

4. What do you do in your free time?
While not playing hockey, I like to research current world issues and historical information.

5.Why do you think that global engagement is important?
I believe that global engagement is important because through helping others, people can change the world in a positive manner. Along with that, it is inspiring to learn about different cultures and how the world interacts.

6. Do you have any tips on how to get involved in global affairs?
The tip I have for others trying to get involved in global affairs is to find areas that strike you as important in the world and to research the history behind it. Along with that, get involved in some aspect of community service because your involvement can help you see the positive differences you’re making.

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