CTWAC Welcomes New Additions to the Board of Directors

Welcome to our new Board Members! Here’s a quick update from outgoing Board President Se-Min Sohn and CEO, Megan Torrey on some new additions to our Board, as well as a recap of some amazing progress we’ve made with your help.

Welcome on board! The World Affairs Council of Connecticut is proud to introduce to you five new additions to the Board of Directors. These are diverse leaders who bring backgrounds in global affairs along with a deep commitment to their local communities.

Esam Boraey, Youth Leader of the Egyptian Revolution

 I love being part of an organization that highlights global issues and brings them to Connecticut in a way that engages and educates the community we live in.

What is the most interesting part of your job/ current work?

 The most interesting part of my job is getting to create and implement meaningful policy from start to finish. From a problem or issue facing one of our neighbors, to researching and building the solution, to seeing it go into effect and seeing the impact it has on our community, it’s an incredible feeling! 

What global issue is fascinating you right now?   

 The issue I’m watching right now is the future stability of Tunisia. I consider it one of the only semi-success stories from the Arab Spring, and with the recent death of its president, the future of democracy in the state could potentially be at risk. I’ll be watching hopefully see a peaceful transition of power but I have some concerns. 

Christine Grant, Special Assistant To the President for Diversity and External Relations at University of Hartford

As Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Hartford, Grant works in partnership with all sectors of the campus community to assist the President in providing programs and initiatives that build a culture that respects all members of the campus community, celebrates their contributions, and affirms the diversity of the UHART campus.

Grant also serves as a liaison to the regional community and represent the University in community partnerships and engagement.

Grant holds a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Bridgeport, and an Associate of Science in Marketing and Management from the Berkley School in White Plains, NY. As an adjunct professor, she teaches a University Interdisciplinary Studies course, “The Caribbean Mosaic.”

Lieutenant General Michael R. Moeller, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Vice President of Business Development, Pratt and Whitney Military Engines

The Council serves an incredibly important service—it provides a global window into the challenges and opportunities that our world faces today as well as a forum to discuss the options and potential solutions to enable a brighter future.

What is the most interesting part of your job/ current work?

As the Pratt & Whitney Military Engines VP for Integrated Customer Solutions, I have the wonderful opportunity to work with both our US government and International customers with the objective to provide them with the propulsion products they require to meet their national security requirements.

What global issue is fascinating you right now?   

I just returned from the UK so the elections and the future of BREXIT are at top of my list for strategic issues.  

Garth A. Myers, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Urban International Studies and Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies, Trinity College

I believe the Council is a crucial conduit for connecting Connecticut and global leaders, whether in politics, industry or society and culture.

What is the most interesting part of your job/ current work?

For me the most interesting part of my job involves working with Trinity’s diverse, international students in urban and global  studies classes. I was just part of teaching a three-week Summer course in China. We had 14 students, including students from 6 countries and US students from multiple ethnic backgrounds, traveling through four cities of the Pearl River Delta. I learn a great deal from my students in these situations.

What global issue is fascinating you right now?  

I am, as always, very interested in East African development, but the global issue that most fascinates me now is the relationship between development in East Africa and Chinese investments, particularly as part of the Belt-Road Initiative.

Thomas Rechen, Partner, McCarter & English, LLP

The Council has been a thought-leader with regard to many of the issues that confront our country and our world, and it has been able to attract speakers who have important experiences and insights regarding such matters.

What is the most interesting part of your job/ current work?  

Meeting new people/clients, learning about their businesses and the markets in which they operate, and helping them solve their problems, sometimes by resorting to the judicial process.

What global issue is fascinating you right now?  

Immigration – not just in this country, but worldwide.  And what to do about the social, economic, political and humanitarian crises that often motivate flight from one country to another.

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