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September Student Spotlight: Olivia Zhang

Olivia is from Long Island, New York and currently a senior at Westminster School. She started MUN her freshman year of high school, which led her to develop a passion for global affairs. She is currently the President of our 2019 Model United Nations program.

Olivia and other current and former MUN students at the 2018 Luminary Award

1. Why are you interested in global affairs?
I have always believed that our world and the countries that inhabit it can exist peacefully among one other, as long as we have steadfast leaders who believe in cooperation and discourse. Thus, the way that cultures interact with each other has always been fascinating to me, and I hope to one day pursue a future in such a revolutionary and inspiring field.

2. What have you learned while participating in MUN?
The greatest lesson that I’ve learned during my Model United Nations experience has been that passionate and driven individuals can and should come together to solve the world’s issues. Thus, as president, I understand the power of cooperation among fierce believers of peace and will continue to push to inspire young people to get involved in the world around them.

3. How else has Model United Nations impacted your life?
I founded the organization FUN MUN (​​) which strives to bring Model United Nations to underprivileged children in New York. Working with around 60 children for a weeklong summer program and concluding with a mock committee session discussing the right to education, I became more reinforced in my belief in the power of Model United Nations, and the fun discourse, collaboration, and global perspective that it offers.

4. What are your future career goals?
Given my extensive involvement in Model United Nations and global affairs, I’ve always been interested in a career in international relations. I am deeply interested in studying the ways that foreign powers interact with each other, and the effects of those interactions on the greater globe are particularly compelling to me. My ultimate dream is to combine corporate philanthropy with global stability, and I believe that the World Affairs Council of CT has played a major role in shaping who I am today and the future I envision for myself and the world.

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