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November Student Spotlight: Anmol Chowdhary

Anmol is a junior at Glastonbury High School and a member of CTWAC’s Model United Nations program. For the 2019 conference she is the Chair of Committee I: Disarmament & International Security, which explores Biological Warfare this year.

1. Why do global affairs matter to you?
I have always loved learning about history, especially the way that nations learn from their mistakes together as a global community. In a world full of competition, I think global affairs allow nations and people from all over the world to be exposed to and accept new ideas. International affairs give me hope that all nations will one day be able to maintain positive relationships with one another in creating a successful and healthy international community.

2. What have you learned through the experience of Model UN?
Model UN has been part of my life for the past four years and has truly helped shape me in becoming who I am today. Model UN has not only taught me how to effectively communicate and convey my ideas, but also how to creatively think of solutions to pressing global issues that benefit all. In Model UN, it is inevitable for a challenging situation or compromise to arise; however, Model UN has taught me how to persevere and create a balance towards achieving common ground.

3. Is it important for students of your generation to understand global issues?
I think it is extremely important for students in my generation to understand and learn about global issues as we are the future of not only the nation, but the world. It is imperative for students to be able to freely discuss problems in our world today. Students in my generation are the most passionate people I have ever met, and I know if we all open our eyes to become aware of the world around us, we will make a tremendous impact on our world.

4. What are your future career goals?
I have always been very interested in international affairs, the American government, and politics. I hope to earn my law degree and hopefully go on to have a role in the government whether that is being a part of my town’s council or even president. Model UN and the World Affairs Council have really helped spark my interest in my future ambitions and goals.

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