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Comm(Unity) Weekly: GSF is back!


In this edition of Comm(Unity), we examine why lifting an arms ban on Cyprus is important, ponder the geopolitical significance of Antarctica, and share one of our favorite recorded conversations to date!

Weekly Episode

GSF is back! — Global Security Forum 2020 is only a month away which means it’s time to recap one of our favorite panels from Global Security Forum 2019 – our keynote discussion featuring General John Allen (USMC, Ret.), President, The Brookings Institution. Moderated by Major General Michael Jones, (U.S. Army, Ret.).

Stream Now.

Check out Gen. John Allen’s new book, Turning Point, on policymaking in the era of artificial intelligence.

Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup (with some special recommendations!):

Richard Haass, GSF 2020 speaker and President of CFR, and David Sacks argue that America’s strategic ambiguity with China must end
Taiwan needs a stronger and clearer policy from the United States

Russia announced it has a vaccine for the coronavirus and a recent study shows it might actually produce antibodies
Take a look inside Russia’s race to develop a COVID vaccine before the West

Countries in the Caribbean have had a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases – but what was the pandemic’s indirect hit on the region?
Closing borders keeps out the virus but negatively impacts economies

The U.S. is lifting its arms ban on Cyprus for a year due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean and increased alignment with the U.S.
According to the Atlantic Council, lifting this ban is good policy

Check out this opinion piece that explores whether more women in government roles leads to greater national security
More diverse opinions and experiences create sustainable solutions

Weekly Entertainment


Simon Rich shares a humorous four part novella in the New Yorker following Herschel, a Jewish immigrant in Brooklyn


Geopolitics of Antarctica

Listen to how Antarctica, our world’s biggest (and most inhospitable) continent is not beyond the reach of politics


One Child Nation

Two Chinese-born filmmakers expose the consequences of China’s One-Child Policy of 1980 through the stories of those who lived it


Capitals of the World

Learning the capitals of each country seems like a daunting task – but play this multiple choice game to easily remember Harare to Tallinn



And no, we aren’t talking about the movie! Whip up this classic French dish as an entree or side using the last of the best veggies of the summer!

Global Good News

This 13-year-old swimmer is going for gold at the Tokyo Paralympics

Sara Vargas, a 13-year-old para-swimmer from Colombia, is already a championed athlete. Now, she has her eyes set on the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. Her favorite part of swimming is not the accolades, though – it’s just being in the water and training for what she loves.
Read More.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

The fall season is upon us! As the weather begins to cool down, kids return to school and pumpkin spice permeates every aspect of our lives, the CTWAC team gets excited for the upcoming season of programs and the exploration of new ways to make content more accessible for you. That’s why I’m so excited that we are able to bring you a virtual version of my favorite event, Global Security Forum, at the end of September. I encourage you to mark your calendars and keep your eyes out for big announcements coming soon. This event cannot be missed!

Caroline Schaefer
Virtual Communications Specialist

Image Credits:

[1] Gen. John Allen and MG Jones: Nick Caito Photography
[2] Putin: Wikimedia Commons
[3] Antarctica: Pikist
[4] Ratatouille: Tasty
[5] Sara Vargas: Sara Vargas via Assembly by Malala Fund
[6] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer
[7] Caroline Headshot: Amanda Jolly

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