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Comm(Unity) Weekly: The World: A Brief Introduction

OCTOBER 13, 2020

In this edition of Comm(Unity), we recap Dr. Richard Haass’ event on global security, look at why there are protests in Kyrgyzstan and listen to a podcast on the effects of changing climate.

Weekly Episode

On our recent episode — We are joined by Dr. Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, to discuss the current challenges we face on a global scale and how we can navigate and secure an increasingly connected world. Moderated by ​Bradley Akubuiro, Chief Spokesperson & Sr. Director of Global Media Relations, Boeing.

Stream Now.

Read more in Dr. Haass’ latest book, The World: A Brief Introduction, here and order a copy now.

Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup (with some special recommendations!):

Every policy requires a prediction, but forecasts in the geopolitics realm are seldom comprehensive, creating issues for decision-makers
How can policymakers better think about the future?

The United States and Russia move closer to a nuclear deal that would freeze each side’s arsenal and outline a detailed treaty for the future
Read more about the negotiations and potential agreement

Kyrgyzstan follows numerous other post-Soviet republics to experience widespread protests surrounding elections
Vote-buying and registration fraud are at the crux of the unrest

In the wake of China’s Belt and Road Initiative’s seventh birthday, Xi Jinping announced that China would become carbon neutral by 2060
The U.S. cannot let China greenwash the Belt and Road Initiative

How will Islam fit into Afghanistan’s political system after talks with the Taliban (or will it?) and what is its significance?
Dive deeper into the conflicting worldviews of each entity

Weekly Entertainment


John Brennan (psst.. check out our upcoming event) recently released this memoir chronicling over thirty years in government service



From Oregon to Ambassadors, Terrestrial explores the choices we make in a world that we have changed.


The World is Bright

This film follows the 10-year journey of a Chinese couple searching for the truth behind their son’s death


Lebanon Then and Now: Photography from 2006 to 2020

Click through materials from MEI’s virtual exhibition exploring Beirut and its struggles



The ultimate German comfort food, käsespätzle combines cheese and spätzle to create a warm dish somewhat reminiscent of mac and cheese

Global Good News

The Free Conversation Movement

What happens when you set up two chairs and a sign that reads “Free Conversations”? Adrià Ballester did just that in the streets of Barcelona and started a movement. In the past two years, hundreds of stories have been told that otherwise might be shared only within the minds of their owners.
Read More.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

We have returned to (semi-) normal programming after a fun and inspiring week of Global Security Forum! Be sure to check out our upcoming events featuring John Brennan, Former CIA Director, and Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys. Also, additional upcoming updates on Model United Nations 2020!

Caroline Schaefer
Virtual Communications Specialist

Image Credits: [1] Dr. Richard Haass: Council on Foreign Relations; [2] Bradley Akubuiro: Boeing; [3] Putin and Trump: via Wikimedia Commons; [4] The World is Bright: Screenshot from The World is Bright; [5] Kaespatzle: Daring Gourmet Blog; [6] Free Conversations Movement: FCM Instagram @FreeConversations; [7] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer; [8] Caroline Schaefer: Amanda Jolly

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