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Comm(Unity) Weekly: Special Election Edition

NOVEMBER 2, 2020

In this edition of Comm(Unity), we bring you a reminder that tomorrow is ELECTION DAY! Make sure to finalize your voting plans if you haven’t already. We also recap a special election edition of State of the World, ponder if Russia will influence the U.S. vote and suggest a cozy pumpkin curry.

Weekly Episode

On our latest episode — We talk with Council leaders from across the country, particularly from battleground states, about the 2020 elections. Get an inside look at what’s happening on the ground and what their biggest goals are for their communities, states and country. Moderated by Megan Torrey, CEO.

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Read about CTWAC board member Esam Boraey, his journey to US citizenship and the importance of democracy.

Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup (with some special recommendations!):

After foreign interference in the 2016 elections, people are wondering in this next election cycle—will Russia influence the U.S. vote?
What should we be on guard for in the last days before the election?

Countries around the world have handled COVID-19 differently, andcentral governments are now facing local coronavirus revolts
Tensions between tiers of government can and do boil over

The two U.S. presidential candidates differ radically on America’s role as a tech superpower in the future and how to compete with China
See how the next president might shape the tech world for years to come

The upcoming election has huge implications for the American people, but what about for the United States’ longstanding partner, Ukraine?
Dive into the consequences Europe might face after the election

Guinea’s president, Alpha Condé, has won a third term in the country’s recent elections, sparking violence and protest
The disputed election proves victory isn’t always sweet (or deserved)

Weekly Entertainment


Check out this CSIS report on the laws and policies regarding domestic deployment of federal forces


Civics 101

Why is the voting age 18? How does the electoral college work? NPR gives us a refresher course on US democracy


The War Room

View this behind-closed-doors account of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign to see what it’s really like on the campaign trail and the challenges that arise


Cast Your Vote

Students learn what it means to be an informed and active voter in this imagined election simulation


1-Pot Pumpkin Curry

This yellow Thai curry combines pumpkin, veggies, ginger, turmeric, creamy coconut milk and more to create a heavenly, 1-pot meal as the weather cools down

Global Good News

U.S. astronaut votes early fromspace station

Another great space story! Kate Rubins, NASA astronaut, shared a voting selfie from the International Space Station. Since 1997 there has been an extreme absentee ballot procedure for those who might find themselves in orbit on Election Day. The address? “Low Earth orbit.”
Read More.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

We are not often presented with the opportunity to make history; but we are this week.

Civil society at its best is made up of an engaged, informed, and intellectually curious electorate – people eager to have nuanced and tough conversations, people who seek to understand the world outside their state limits or national borders, and those armed with the best information possible from the most trusted sources.

I may be biased, but to me, the Council community is civil society at its best.

If this is an election for the history books (which it is), there’s no other group of people with who I’d rather head to polls. Whatever the outcome of this election, when the results are in we’ll be here to discuss everything that’s to come for our state, our nation, and the world, together with you.

Amanda Jolly
VP of Programs and Communications

Image Credits: [1] Council leaders: from respective Councils; [2] Save the Internet protests: Ranking Digital Rights; [3] The War Room: The War Room still; [4] Pumpkin curry: Minimalist Baker blog; [5] Kate Rubins: NASA twitter @NASA_Astronau; t[6] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer; [7] Amanda Jolly: Caroline Schaefer

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