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MUN 2020: Security During a Pandemic

Security During a Pandemic

Committee 1: Disarmament and International Security

The COVID-19 pandemic is having dramatic effects on economies and societies around the globe. But how has the pandemic altered the arena of international security?

The UN Secretary General has called for a global humanitarian ceasefire in an effort to ensure that conflict-torn communities can have access to life-saving medical care. However, many warring parties may seek to take advantage of what they perceive as an opportunity: a moment of weakness when state adversaries are distracted by the virus. Likewise, terrorists and other non-state actors might see this as a window of opportunity.

Of further concern is the potential for rulers, acting in the name of public health, to gather up more powers for themselves – powers that they may or may not give up when the health crisis subsides. Proponents of democracy around the world are apprehensive about the pandemic’s enabling of creeping authoritarianism.

Students participating in our 2020 Model UN conference will have the chance to debate resolutions addressing these issues and more.

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Current MUN Students:
Below is a link to access the MUN 2020 position papers. Delegates — feel free to comment below on this blog post from the point of view of your delegation if you have any thoughts and/or disagreements with your fellow delegates:

Disarmament and International Security: Security During a Pandemic

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