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MUN 2020: Vaccine Distribution and Access

Vaccine Distribution and Access

Committee: World Health Organization

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines are at the forefront of the public consciousness. As the world tries to collectively ensure that when a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is developed all people will have access to it, it is important to remember that millions are still dying each year from diseases for which vaccines already exist.

Investing in vaccines not only has the potential to save lives but can go a long way to improving the economic fortunes of some of the world’s poorest regions. However, major barriers to universal vaccination still exist, including violent conflict, vaccine skepticism, and lack of resources and medical personnel.

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Current MUN Students:
Below is a link to access the MUN 2020 position papers. Delegates — feel free to comment below on this blog post from the point of view of your delegation if you have any thoughts and/or disagreements with your fellow delegates:

World Health Organization: Vaccine Distribution and Access

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