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MUN 2020: Building Economic Equity in Post-Crisis Scenarios

Building Economic Equity in Post-Crisis Scenarios

Committee II: Economic and Financial

COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the global economy, pushing countries around the world into deep recession.

While almost nowhere has been fully spared from the pandemic, the economic impacts of lockdowns and fearful consumers are being felt harder by some than by others.

As the world emerges from this crisis, there is an acute risk that global inequality reaches even higher levels than before. However, massive government stimulus and the reconfiguration of global supply chains will give world leaders the chance to use this moment to spur more equitable growth by investing in green initiatives and supply chains that abide by ethical labor standards. The question is: will we let this opportunity go to waste?

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Current MUN Students:
Below is a link to access the MUN 2020 position papers. Delegates — feel free to comment below on this blog post from the point of view of your delegation if you have any thoughts and/or disagreements with your fellow delegates:

Economic and Financial: Building Economic Equity

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