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Comm(Unity) Weekly: MUN Closing Ceremonies

DECEMBER 14, 2020

In this edition of Comm(Unity), we bring you the MUN closing ceremonies speech given by 2020 MUN President, Anmol Chowdhary. We also look at what a new U.S. administration means for Turkey and look at how a famed Brazilian reporter narrates her subjects’ lives and stories.

Weekly Episode

In Case You Missed It — Model United Nations went virtual this year for the first time ever! Hundreds of student delegates convened over the past two weeks to debate global hot topics, from security in a pandemic to modern slavery (and the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermoplyae!). Watch MUN 2020 President Anmol Chowdhary give her final remarks at the closing ceremonies. Congratulations, students!

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Check out our blog post featuring the 2020 class of MUN Officers and how MUN prepares them as our future global leaders

Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup (with some special recommendations!):

Recently Venezuela held elections for the National Assembly, its last democratically elected institution, but had remarkably low voter turnout
Read more on the international response to the rigged elections

As the United States prepares for Trump’s exit, American officials and Congress are preparing sanctions against Turkey
The redirection in policy will be used to curb Ankara’s military ambitions

In November Britain announced it would invest billions into defense – at the center of it all? The offensive National Cyber Force
Dive deeper into the soldiers and spies that have been quietly hacking away

The Ethiopian government announced it is safe for Eritrean refugees to return to the northern Tigray region, sounding UN alarm bells
The UN refugee agency criticized the move as “absolutely unacceptable”

An estimated 250 million farmers in India have gone on a national strike against Prime Minister Modi’s new farm reforms
Check out more information on why protests have continued for weeks

Weekly Entertainment


Eliane Brum, a star journalist in Brazil, showcases her work from short profiles to longer reports


What a Relief!

Islamic Relief USA sits down with experts, members and volunteers to discuss humanitarian challenges and other important issues


The Way I See It

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Reagan and Obama presidencies through the eyes of Pete Souza, photographer


Siena International Photo Awards

Check out the 2020 winners of the annual contest “that aims to showcase images of beauty, culture and nature across the globe”


Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned

Most things in life that are good don’t come easy…and these spiced German cookies are no different. We promise the seemingly daunting ingredient list is worth it

Global Good News

FDA Panel Endorses Covid-19 Vaccine

A different type of global good news, but good news nonetheless! The FDA advisory panel recommends approval for the vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. The FDA believes that the potential risks of the vaccine are outweighed by the benefits for people 16 years and older.
Read More.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

As we come to an end of the program season at the Council, we’re closing on some very high notes. This past Friday, we had the chance to watch hundreds of CTWAC Model UN delegates celebrate the conclusion of the Model UN Conference. If you haven’t had a chance, check out Anmol’s closing remarks in the featured video above. We’re incredibly proud of their work. And this week, we can’t wait to see you at the Holiday Open House – with some games, prizes, some cocktails, and to be able to close out this year together with you. See you there!

Caroline Schaefer
Virtual Communications Specialist

Image Credits: [1] MUN students: Spencer Sloan; [2] Sen. Chris Murphy:; [3] CTWAC members: Nick Caito Photography; [4] Erdogan and Trump: The White House, Flickr; [5] Camera: The Way I See It cover image; [6] Root vegetable galette: Antonis Achilleos; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer; [7] FDA: Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News via WSJ; [8] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer; [9] Caroline Schaefer: Amanda Jolly

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