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Global Prison Reform: Model UN 2019

Around the world prisoners, their families, and society as a whole, is being harmed by prison systems. Many prisons violate international standards and human rights and prison populations are continuing to face issues of overcrowding. In 2013, the occupancy levels of 114 national prison administrations were above 100 percent. This overcrowding creates deteriorated conditions for… Continue reading Global Prison Reform: Model UN 2019


CTWAC Welcomes New Additions to the Board of Directors

Welcome on board! The World Affairs Council of Connecticut is proud to introduce to you five new additions to the Board of Directors. These are diverse leaders who bring backgrounds in global affairs along with a deep commitment to their local communities. Esam Boraey, Youth Leader of the Egyptian Revolution  I love being part of… Continue reading CTWAC Welcomes New Additions to the Board of Directors

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Meet the Speakers: Global Security Forum 2019

They are current and former ambassadors to and of the United States, military Generals, world-renowned scholars, and active agents. And that’s only the beginning of our list. With confirmations still ongoing, we are thrilled to announce the current speaker lineup for our 2019 Global Security Forum. David Sanger, The New York Times David E. Sanger… Continue reading Meet the Speakers: Global Security Forum 2019

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Plastic Pollution: Model UN 2019

We use plastic every single day, and we use too much of it. Plastic pollution presents a serious threat to the planet, to such an extent that governments around the world have largely been forced to take action. Oceans are threatened by the 8 million tons of plastic trash that gets dumped every year, as… Continue reading Plastic Pollution: Model UN 2019

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The Opioid Crisis: Model UN 2019

The Opioid Crisis is by far one of the most pressing contemporary issues. According to the World Health Organization, in 2016 there were an estimated 27 million people suffering from opioid use disorders around the world. Affordable treatment is often inaccessible for most individuals, and in some way the influence of opioid drugs penetrates all… Continue reading The Opioid Crisis: Model UN 2019

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Intern Intro: Ellen O’Brien

Ellen is a rising senior at Boston College where she majors in International Studies and English. She joins the CTWAC team this summer as the Community Outreach and Membership Intern. In her free time, Ellen likes to run, read and travel. Welcome to the CTWAC team, Ellen! 1. When and why did you first show… Continue reading Intern Intro: Ellen O’Brien

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A Look Back at Power Clash

On May 22, Dr. James Holmes and Dan Murphy returned to participate in Power Clash: China’s Rise and the U.S. Response. There was an overwhelming number of requests to bring them back following our 2018 Global Security Forum, a telling sign of the anticipation for their conversation to continue. Both participants agreed that characterizing China as either… Continue reading A Look Back at Power Clash