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Fellow Intro: Caroline

Caroline Schaefer is the 2018-2019 Fellow for the World Affairs Council of CT. She is from Avon, CT and recently graduated from Colgate University, where she studied international relations and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies. Caroline in Cairo, Egypt in front of the Pyramids When and why did you first show interest in global affairs?… Continue reading Fellow Intro: Caroline

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Trade Wars: A Media Recap

Left to right: Dr. Zhao Yumin, Megan Torrey, Phyllis Yaffe, and Diego Gómez Pickering Last Tuesday, we hosted our Trade Wars event, which was a great success. We were able to continue the dialogue on current U.S. trade relations and discuss how it will affect our home in CT. Thank you to our partners MetroHartford… Continue reading Trade Wars: A Media Recap

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Global Music for You!

While the U.S. has been deemed as a “melting pot”, us Americans tend to get caught up in our own pop culture. It’s easy for us to know all about the Kardashians or Justin Bieber because that the content that media outlets feed us. However, there’s a whole world of culture waiting to be noticed by… Continue reading Global Music for You!

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What in the World Wednesday: 2018 United States – Russia Summit Global Reactions

Global Issue: 2018 U.S. – Russia Summit On Monday, July 16, the world watched as U.S. President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki for the 2018 summit between the two countries. Many had predictions about the outcome of the summit. The two were alleged to discuss the situation in Syria, Ukraine,… Continue reading What in the World Wednesday: 2018 United States – Russia Summit Global Reactions

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Global Student Leadership Awards

Part of our mission here at CTWAC is to bestow the Global Student Leadership Awards to recognize the new generation of global student leaders. CTWAC awards students who have been instrumental in raising awareness about global affairs and actively participating in the conversations on these issues. CTWAC is in its third year of giving out… Continue reading Global Student Leadership Awards

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Your Next International Movie Watchlist

Bored this summer and looking for an escape? Or maybe you just want to unwind and step away from reality for a few hours? Either way, this blog post is the one for you! Our team here at the CTWAC has handpicked a few of our favorite movies from around the world for you to watch.… Continue reading Your Next International Movie Watchlist

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World Refugee Day 2018

 Today is World Refugee Day! The United Nations declared this day to commemorate the challenging struggles that so many refugees have to endure before, during, and after fleeing their homes. One of the main goals of this day is to raise awareness about refugees and show our support for their decisions to escape their tumultuous… Continue reading World Refugee Day 2018