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Biological Warfare: Model UN 2019

As early as 600 BCE, people have recognized the potential impact of infectious diseases as a weapon of war. Whether it was using victims of diseases weapons or contaminating water, this strategy of targeting the health of a nation has been used even into the 20th century. There is substantial evidence that during World War… Continue reading Biological Warfare: Model UN 2019

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November Student Spotlight: Anmol Chowdhary

Anmol is a junior at Glastonbury High School and a member of CTWAC’s Model United Nations program. For the 2019 conference she is the Chair of Committee I: Disarmament & International Security, which explores Biological Warfare this year. 1. Why do global affairs matter to you? I have always loved learning about history, especially the… Continue reading November Student Spotlight: Anmol Chowdhary

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Human Trafficking: Model UN 2019

Human trafficking is the practice of forcibly trading humans for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation. With increased globalization, has come an increase in people crossing borders illegally, whether willingly or by force. Nearly every nation is afflicted by these crimes, whether it is their people being forced to leave or people being… Continue reading Human Trafficking: Model UN 2019

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Media Recap: Global Security Forum 2019

On Saturday, September 28 we hosted Global Security Forum 2019: Power & Leadership, featuring military leaders and security experts from around the world. Thank you to our partners: MOAA, the McCain Institute, CT National Guard, ROA and World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts, and to our sponsors: United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Karl… Continue reading Media Recap: Global Security Forum 2019

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Industry 4.0: Model UN 2019

Industry 3.0 saw the introduction of computers in the industrialization process. This change introduced entirely new technology and thus was very disruptive to the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 seeks to improve the changes made in 3.0 by allowing computer to connect and communicate with one another. Through this, computers are able to make decisions without… Continue reading Industry 4.0: Model UN 2019

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October Intern Spotlight: Audrey Morgan

Audrey is currently a senior at University of Hartford and CTWAC’s Education Assistant! She majors in International Studies and minors in History and Performing Arts Management. In her free time, Audrey loves reading and enjoying all things music. We are happy to have you, Audrey! 1. When and why did you first show interest in… Continue reading October Intern Spotlight: Audrey Morgan

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September Student Spotlight: Olivia Zhang

Olivia is from Long Island, New York and currently a senior at Westminster School. She started MUN her freshman year of high school, which led her to develop a passion for global affairs. She is currently the President of our 2019 Model United Nations program. 1. Why are you interested in global affairs?I have always… Continue reading September Student Spotlight: Olivia Zhang