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The New Europe

by Lauren Burgess “The New Europe” program, held on October 16th, was a unique insight into the economic possibilities and challenges that many European countries face today. The event featured two experts, Nobel Prize winning Yale economics professor Dr. Robert Shiller, and the Ambassador of Lithuania to the United States and Mexico, Zygimantas Pavilionis. Dr.… Continue reading The New Europe


War in Europe: A New Reality!

By Guest Blogger & WACCT Member- Vaira Paegle. Vaira is a Fellow for Democracy and Development, Center for National Policy and a former member of Parliament, Republic of Latvia.   During August, the world remembers a series of momentous events that destroyed empires, changed borders and eventually offered a new paradigm for resolving international conflicts.… Continue reading War in Europe: A New Reality!

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“An Update on the Ukrainian Crisis from Roksolana”

“An Update on the Ukrainian Crisis from Roksolana” by guest author Roksolana Luchkan and edited by Isabel Monteleone     Surreal. That is the word that Roksolana Luchkan used to describe the situation after hearing about the death of her cousin last week in the dangerous, war-torn parts of Eastern Ukraine. Fighting in Ukraine has… Continue reading “An Update on the Ukrainian Crisis from Roksolana”