Teacher China Trip Summer 2010

Thursday July 22

Just got back from a walk to the nearby department store to get a converter, and a sponge so I can clean my bathroom. Then we went to Dairy Queen. This all followed a two hour workshop on Zen meditation. Talk about a mix of the mundane and the sublime.  We’re not leaving until 8:30 and we have a curfew ( isn’t that a riot!) b/c they close the gates into the Institute at 12:30- at least that way I know it won’t be that late a night.  We had two days of beautiful weather here, though hot , and now we’re back to the hazy smog again.  Language class is a real challenge, 21st Century Beijing is a very interesting course.   
Having a busy day. Made breakfast on my own in the  dorm kitchen and then did my laundry before class- feel like I’m back in school. 

Would you believe that  we went to dinner last night- nice restaurant, three dishes( kung pao chicken,
> dumplings, broccoli, and beer) and all it cost me was the equivalent of $7 U.S.?

Tonight we are to see a movie about how concubines competed for the attention of  their owner! The last two days have been uncharacteristically clear- blue sky,  hot but the evenings are beautiful. Everything is tremendously interesting

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