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Comm(Unity) Weekly: Bonus Roundtable Discussion

FEBRUARY 1, 2020

In this edition of Comm(Unity), we bring you a bonus roundtable discussion on State of the World that covers President Biden’s first 100 days in office. We also look at what’s happening in Myanmar and prove that putting the world back together isn’t always a perfect process.

Bonus Episode

In Case You Missed It — On Friday we released a bonus podcast episode of State of the World. In this roundtable discussion, Arthur House, Former Cybersecurity Risk Officer, State of Connecticut, Luke Knittig, Senior National Security and Public Affairs Professional, and Megan Torrey, CEO, World Affairs Council of Connecticut, sit down to discuss President Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Moderated by Amanda Jolly, VP of Programs and Communications.

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Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup (with some special recommendations!):

Myanmar’s military has staged a coup against it’s civilian government led by Aung Sang Suu Kyi, who is currently detained along with others
The military cited election fraud as the reason for the takedown

Get ready for our event with State Senator Chris Murphy and read his recent article on America’s role in the fight against climate change
The U.S. must retake the reins in a few key areas

How has the pandemic impacted women in the workforce, particularly those working in the national security sector?
Read about increased burdens, but also opportunities for change

Putin’s main critic and opponent, Alexei Navalny, returned to Russia after recovering from a deliberate poisoning and was promptly arrested
His arrest prompted nationwide protests, but what does this mean for Russia?

Colombian engineer Jorge Enrique González Ulloa wants to patent methods to make the traditional Latin American sweetener, panela
Other makers say Gonzalez wants a monopoly on the market

Weekly Entertainment


Read this collection of short speeches by doctor and social activist, Paul Farmer, encouraging young people to tackle our greatest challenges


Global Thinkers

Foreign Policy magazine brings together its top thinkers and ‘rethinkers’ with ideas that are changing the world


Chef’s Table

This Emmy-nominated series speaks with culinary stars from around the world who redefine gourmet food


White Christian Privilege

Check out this event featuring Dr. Khyati Y. Joshi and Hartford Seminary President Dr. Joel N. Lohr



Armenian pizza is the comfort food you didn’t know you needed. Thin crust topped with ground meat, Aleppo pepper, parsley and a squeeze of lemon give this dish a global cult following

Have a recommendation?
We want to feature your favorites. Throughout 2021, we’ll feature more of your recommendations throughout Comm(Unity). If you’ve watched a new documentary, read an article that stuck with you, or prepared a global dish, share it with your fellow members.

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Global Good News

White Bengal tiger cub born at Nicaragua zoo

A rare white Bengal tiger cub was born at a zoo in Nicaragua in early 2021 and was named Nieves (Snow) due to her white color. Read more about her mom, the white recessive gene in tigers and how Nieves is doing in the article below.
Read More.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming with a weekly State of the World Wednesday episode! The Council is excited to share our upcoming lineup of speakers and events for this new season (coming soon). If you haven’t already, please take our quick annual survey to give us feedback on what you want to see this year.

Enjoy the snow today if you live in the northeast!

Caroline Schaefer
Virtual Communications Specialist

Image Credits: [1] State of the World cover: images provided by guests; [2] Alexei Navalny: Yuri Kochetkov/EPA via The Conversation; [3] BBQ table: Still from ‘Chef’s Table’; [4] Lahmacun: Benjamin Kemper via; [5] Nieves: EPA via BBC; [6] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer; [7] Caroline Schaefer: Amanda Jolly

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