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Comm(Unity) Weekly: Happy International Women’s Day!

MARCH 8, 2020

In this edition of Comm(Unity), we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021! From women’s global leadership through the COVID crisis, to their unprecedented accomplishments in Chilean politics and their bravery in the Syrian conflict, we highlight how women of all ages and backgrounds are changing the world in their wake.

Weekly Episode

Special bonus episode — It’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating with a bonus micro-episode of State of the World! In response to the pandemic, have female heads of state really produced better outcomes when compared to their male counterparts? We find out what the data says with Dr. Supriya Garikipati, associate professor at the University of Liverpool, and author of the globally-recognized paper, “Leading the Fight Against the Pandemic: Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter?” Moderated by CEO, Megan Torrey

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Read Dr. Supriya Garikipati’s report that she co-authored titled, “Leading the Fight Against the Pandemic: Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter?”

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Weekly Article Roundup

Follow along with the CTWAC staff on this week’s article roundup:

Myanmar has experienced ongoing protests since the military ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi. On the frontlines of these protests? Women.
Read more about the brave women sending a rebuke to the military generals

Tens of thousands of Mexican women are protesting gender-based violence in Mexico on this International Women’s Day
Learn more about femicide in Mexico and what sparked this wave of protests

In October 2020 Chileans voted to rewrite the constitution, including an unprecedented guaranteed gender-parity requirement
Dive deeper into why the new constitution is a feminist victory

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former finance minister, has become the first woman and the first African to be chosen as director general of the WTO
See what her appointment might represent for women in Nigeria and beyond

Zuzana Hudáčová knew from a young age she wanted to be a scientist, and now the Slovakian teenager helped develop a COVID test (at age 17!)
Check out how Zuzana got involved in STEM and achieved this milestone

This International Women’s Day, World Athletics makes a new pledge to “further advance the role of girls and women” in sports
The world governing body plans to increase female leadership and more

Weekly Entertainment


This inspiring story highlights the women in the Kurdish militia fighting the so-called Islamic State in Syria


Feminist Foreign Policy

Sweden introduced the world’s first ‘feminist foreign policy’ in 2014 – but what does it mean?


The Glorias

Based on Gloria Steinem’s autobiography, The Glorias follows her life and her key role in the women’s liberation movement



Actress Lupita Nyong’o creates a whimsical children’s book in hopes to inspire children to see their own unique beauty


Daniela Soto-Innes Is Shaping the Future of Mexican Food

Check out these recipes curated by Daniela Soto-Innes, a chef who preaches a well-rounded take on life–and food

Member Micro Interview

Check out our bi-weekly micro interview introducing you to fellow CTWAC community members:

Kaylen is a senior at Trinity College and CTWAC Social Media & Communications Intern. Please join us in welcoming Kaylen to the team!

What global issue are you most interested in at the moment?
K: Climate change. Climate is most important to me because it affects everyone around the world and affects nearly every aspect of our lives, our health and our future.

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?
K: I am most looking forward to a widespread rollout of the COVID vaccine, graduating from Trinity College, and my new role as the Social Media and Communications Intern for the World Affairs Council!

What’s your favorite place in the world and why?
K: My favorite place in the world is Barcelona. I love the architecture of Gaudi displayed around the city, tapas bars and the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, and all of the wonderful art museums around the city.

Weekly Cartoon

Check in next week for another CTWAC exclusive cartoon:

Courtesy of Caroline Schaefer

As the leader of an all-female team, every day I have the chance to see incredible work being done by women – those around the world and here in Hartford, Connecticut. International Women’s Day is a reminder to recognize, compensate, and celebrate the contributions of women, not just on March 8, but every day throughout the year. Happy International Women’s Day!

Megan Torrey

Image Credits: [1] Female leaders drawing: Caroline Schaefer; [2] Protesters: Kan Sangtong /; [3] Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Oscari Seijken; [4] Women protesting: The Glorias still; [5] Daniela Soto Innes: PHOTO BY DANIELLE LEVITT, SHIRT BY TILIT, APRON BY HEDLEY & BENNETT via healthyish; [6] Kaylen Jackson: Provided by Kaylen; [7] Cartoon: Caroline Schaefer; [8] Megan Torrey: Caroline Schaefer

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