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Follow My Trip to Australia !


Posted by: Megan C. Torrey, WACCT Executive Director

I am excited to tell you that in a few days I will be leaving for Australia! I will be a member of the UConn Center for Business Education & Research (CIBER) Green Business Australia trip.  The trip will focus on all aspects of sustainable business. There will be site visits to examine everything from building sustainable communities, renewable energy,  sourcing of materials, to  sustainable farming. We will be meeting with business and industry experts to see what they are doing to be sustainable into the future. We  also will see how climate change is impacting business in Oz.

Of course I am also bringing plenty of information on what we  are doing here in Hartford and in Connecticut to meet the  sustainability challenge. But if you have any information you would like me to pass on-please email me.

I will be blogging here on the WACCT blog about the trip so please follow.

A big shout out to Emirates Airlines for sponsoring my flights- and yes I will be writing about the flights.






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