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October Member Spotlight: Jessica Hinman

What is the most interesting part of your job?
As the Director of Community Outreach and Special Events for Camp Courant, I am responsible for creating, developing, coordinating, implementing and supervising all marketing, advertising and community outreach efforts, including volunteer recruitment and oversight. Additionally I plan, oversee, and execute all of Camp Courant’s internal and third-party special events. The most fulfilling aspects of my role are seeing the long-standing impact we have on Hartford’s youth and their education coupled with the community’s engagement and interaction with our programs and mission.


Can you describe your most recent travel experience?
My most recent travels took me back to northern Italy with a large group from our martial arts federation. Usually, our martial arts travels revolve around a tournament but this was purely educational and enjoyment. As always Italy has so much to offer, and although I spend a lot of time in southern Italy, I had yet to visit the Lake Como area. The vistas and culture enraptured me–I never wanted to leave!

Where would you like to travel next?
Traveling back to Scotland, where I lived for a while during school, and also to Norway where my father’s side of the family originates are on the top of my list. Knowing me, I’ll visit both in the same trip.

Global issue you find fascinating right now:
I have always followed Gender Equality and Women’s rights internationally, especially what has been accomplished and how far so many nations still have to go. The past 2 years have been a whirlwind of positive action with the #metoo movement and horrific events towards women such as the “honor killings” in Asia.

Proudest accomplishment?
Being honored as one of Hartford Business Journal’s “40 under Forty” in 2017.

Why you support the Council:
The World Affairs Council focuses on exploring issues and opportunities that transcend borders. The WAC engages thoughtful leaders, change makers and citizens to share ideas, learn from each other, and engage in conversations of public concern on global issues. Through these and other programs, WAC provides the community which it serves with the knowledge and networks they need to be better informed in their choices and actions that relate to global issues and international affairs.

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