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October Intern Spotlight: Audrey Morgan

Audrey is currently a senior at University of Hartford and CTWAC’s Education Assistant! She majors in International Studies and minors in History and Performing Arts Management. In her free time, Audrey loves reading and enjoying all things music. We are happy to have you, Audrey!

1. When and why did you first show interest in global affairs?
I first showed interest as a kid— I was constantly watching the history channel or reading National Geographic. Every time I had a new special interest topic, my mom would fuel me to learn all I could about it, and I became so fascinated by the world around me. From then on, I took as many history and politics classes as possible throughout middle and high school and am now studying International Studies on a global security track.

2. Do you have a particular area of interest within global affairs? 
I have done a lot of research on the healthcare systems of other countries and what they do and don’t cover for their citizens. Specifically, I’ve done a lot of work on contraception and Planned Parenthood as a topic of popular debate. Furthermore, I am fascinated by international media and communication and how information can be construed when crossing borders, both politically and historically.

3. What do you do at CTWAC? 
I am the Education Assistant Intern, meaning I help Nicole, CTWAC Education Director, with all things regarding the Model United Nations program as well as accompanying the students in October on their trip to the United Nations.

4. What do you do in your free time?
I love curating and managing concerts, working with the two on campus radio stations, and reading as much as possible. I am passionate about tea and coffee, and I newly work at Story and Soil in Hartford! I also love to travel and will never turn down a chance to go on an adventure.

5. Why do you think that global engagement is important? 
I think that global engagement is important because in order to enact positive change in our world, we need to know what’s going on. Becoming involved in our respective communities, even at a local scale, is just as important as becoming involved at a geopolitical scale. Global engagement is pertinent to knowing how to be a good global citizen.

6. Do you have any tips on how to get involved in global affairs? 
I think the most important first step in becoming involved in global affairs is to educate yourself on them. Read the newspaper, watch the news, even something as simple as following global affairs-related accounts on your social medias. We carry the world in our pockets, all we have to do is seek it out. From there, talk to people. Educate others by having conversations about what you learned and what’s going on in the world. The best way to learn for yourself is to teach others simultaneously.

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